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Timex Originals Sport Chronograph

12 de junio de 2020


As of late, our Timex reviews have been a short of his ‘n hers arrangement. ¬ Yesterday, we saw the his (black IQ Chrono), and today we’ll take a look at the hers (white Originals Chrono).

The specific model we’re looking at is the¬ T2N830AB, which is part of their¬ Originals¬ lineup. ¬ If the white and silver color palette didn’t tip you off to the fact that this is a fashion-oriented model, then the Swarovski crystals definitely would. ¬ Of course, it’s not all style, there is some nice functionality here with the chronograph function, date display and Indiglo backlight.


Surprisingly, for a women’s model, the aluminum case on this watch measures in at a hefty 41mm (10mm high), with 20mm lugs to hold the silicone strap in place. ¬ And that brings us to the two items that my wife really didn’t end up caring for with this watch:

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Given the silicone band, you might be tempted to treat this as an exercise watch of sorts, perhaps even timing a workout. ¬ But, in that light, my wife thought that it was too “blingy” to exercise in, and she didn’t find the dial the easiest to read. ¬ In the end, she settled on this really being a casual statement sort of a watch.


So, as you can see, she really wanted to like the watch – it just wasn’t a fit for her routine and tastes, and that’s a large part of what will make a watch click with you – or not. ¬ If this watch is clicking with you, you’re going to appreciate the 50 meter water resistance on top of the functionality included. ¬ If that’s you,¬ head on over to¬ Timex¬ to pick one up for $110.


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